Dizz3 NXT

Dizz3 for the Lego EV3 was introduced in the year 2013 by Dimitri Dekyvere and also Laurens Valk created a robot called WheelieBot for RCX using a similar concept.

This model is so cool, that there must be a version for the NXT 2.0 set - and here it is - the missing link :-)

Find here small videos, a list of needed material, the build instruction und and pictures how to connect the cables.

Have fun !

Aim of the Mission

Build Dizz3 using the Lego NXT 2.0 set and steer it via Bluetooth.


Needed Material

A model should be built just out of one set, so it can be rebuild by many people. In this case two extra wheels are needed to build the model.

So this is the list of needed material:

- Lego Mindstorms NXT 2.0 (8547)

- 2 wheels with id 59521 (4 are in set 8108) - and available via BrickLink


The following instruction is for private use only! Changing or selling is not permitted.

Connect the Cables

The right motor is connected to Port B and the left motor is connected to Port C. Follow the pictures below, where the robot is rotated to the front.

Grafik Grafik Grafik Grafik Grafik Grafik


To control the robot I am using a Samsung S4 and the 'NXT Remote Control' app from Jacek Fedorynski. In the 'Touchpad controls' mode it is quite easy to control the robot with just one finger.